Hourly Costs

The most common way people like to utilize the services a designer offers is by paying them an agreed fee per hour.  This allows you, the client the flexibility of not being locked into any particular number and you can halt the deal whenever you want. 

Not everyone needs an entire room redesigned from top to bottom. Perhaps it’s finishes only, lighting, furniture selection or rearrangement, window treatments, and color selection. Maybe it’s shopping for art or accessories. Maybe you just need some recommendations and want to shop on your own, and then have us come back to pull it all together for you. In these cases, hourly design services may meet your needs better than a flat fee per room charging structure.

So how exactly does this work?

Hourly services can be pre-paid in blocks of time. We will track all services that your specific project includes; whether that’s drawing floor plans, designing, sourcing finishes, furnishings or accessories.  The costs are rolled together no matter how many rooms we're working on for you. You’ll be notified throughout the process as to how much time is still available and may choose to add additional time at any point.

You’ll still have access to all of our Tradesmen to complete your projects, so no worries about finding a painter, tile installer, or electrician. 

*The average room can take 15-40+ hours for a full redesign project.

Flat Rate 

To keep things simple, some homeowners go with a flat rate fee for larger interior design projects. This structure also works for those worried about operating within a budget. Unlike hourly wage, you know exactly how much you’re going to pay. The price should not change once agreed on. Flat Fee Design Services allow you to know up front what your costs will be for hiring me to complete your project from start to finish. There are no hourly bills to pay, and you know from Day 1 exactly how much we're going to charge you for our design services, and when those three installments will be due. Revisions and add-ons may result in additional fees.

*Note: Clients who are working with our flat fee rates receive special pricing on all products, saving anywhere from 10-50% off of the retail price. These savings can add up to thousands of dollars!

We use a 15-Step Process for Clients at this level – it guarantees no detail is overlooked

Get a head start – print the Client Questionnaire and have it ready at the time we come to do your initial Consultation. Please plan for us to be there 2 hours that day so we can really discover what your goals are for your home. We want to make your dreams become reality!


This method of interaction is becoming very popular in our industry for some clients and their design projects.  It's great for the customer that lives a distance away, doesn't have a lot of time, likes to have a hand in on the design or just needs one room done.  

This service is a creative flat-rate fee structure and includes: 
Vision Board & Color Palette illustrating the look and feel of the room.
Detailed Furniture Floor Plan with existing/new items.
Room Elevations for the window treatments and wall decor.
Shopping List, Purchase Information, Design Notes & Suggestions.
1 set of Revisions after the initial design is provided with a curated shopping list with all of the products we envision for your space. Everything happens via email and phone instead of face-to-face meetings. All of the products we propose in your plan will be available for you to purchase directly through online and local retailers as you are ready. This service is also great for the DIY client.  Click here for more 


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